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       Investment opportunities in Europe are part of a successful, diversified portfolio. As financial experts, Uinvest identify these projects and guide clients through this process with transparency and convenience.

Each of these businesses, including factories, facilities, restaurants and service companies, is a potential source of income or ownership. In fact, Uinvest success with these brands is the result of their proven record, in Europe, as specialists who understand the economic and regulatory guidelines on this region.

Uinvest website enables investors to find, buy or sell, and manage a potentially profitable enterprise. By simplifying the ability to invest online, they also balance the benefits and liabilities of each business, while empowering people to make money in a suitable business. I would want to make this clear, Uinvest is NOT A PONZI scheme, NOT A HYIP nor NOT A GET RICH program. 

How Does Uinvest Works ?
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Uinvest is Giving Free Coffee for Euro 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine
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(Do you think a scammer or a fake company would do such thing as the above ?)

Uinvest were reviewed by Yahoo! Financial (reads it here) and AOL Daily Finance (reads it here) in 2010. Please Google about it to satisfy your skepticalness. If they are Ponzi nor HYIP, they wouldn't be in Yahoo! Finance or AOL Daily Finance news. Theres the common sense.

Apart from that Uinvest is also a member of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Which it is an Elite Community to enhance business network among the local community in Beverly Hills USA.  

Uinvest Inc. (USA) is also a registered company under the jurisdiction The State of California, United State.

The below statement is from Uinvest Forum discussion. The Statement is made by one of the Uinvestor (investor) who is still being skeptical nor try to find the truth about Uinvest

Do please spend some time reading the following content in the image below :

                                           For the data sheet, calculation mentioned in the above discussion. Please CLICK HERE to view it.  

Still being sceptical with all the documents above ? You can get all those infomation at their website by signing up. It's FREE, registration is FREE. You don't have to fund your account yet. Just tour around inside your account to have a closer view.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Once signed up, in your account search for "Corporate Kit" for their company profile. They are a registered company in the U.S.A and Ukraine themselves. A true genuine company, online and offline.

Meet their top officials :


As an investors, we should know that there is a risk in every investment. There is no such thing of risk free investment. As saying, "the greater the risk, the higher the profits". 

Uinvest is not a Ponzi scheme, not a HYIP, not even a Get Rich Quick program. But it does bring quick return of the deposited capital, roughly around 6 months.Yet in between those months, you will earn a static montly income from your investment. It's all depends on the ups and downs of the price shares and economy it self. Once you get your deposited amount in equal from your monthly profits, the rest are all pure profits. 100% FOREVER as long as you still haven't sell your shares. That's about it. 

There is a risk of fluctuation for the shares you bought. There is also a happy moment when the price goes up, it's like trading stocks in NYSE. 

Here is some example from a happy investor in Uinvest chat room :


There are many properties nor company equities that you can invest for, such as :  

- Factories 
- Hotels 
- Casino  
- Gas Station 
- Shopping Mall  
- etc... 
- (i did asked them whether there will be a technology or telco companies that i could invest into. None.)


The minimum or the cheapest share price starts from USD $ 17 up to the most expensive one priced at USD $ 3100. It all depends on your wallet and dream bud. 

If there is a share that you like, but there is none shares left, then you have to wait untill someone else's sell his/her shares of it. Either the price is up or down, up to the person or the market price. And it's up to you to evaluate it. 

As for the market price, if the economy nor the shares that you bought is doing good, your monthly earnings will increases automatically.  ( * bear in mind that Uinvest will deduct 10% of your monthly earnings as their service fee.)

You can sell your shares anytime you want, nor you can buy any shares you like at any moment. You can withdraw without limit. No restriction.


Invest in "Gold" by Uinvest Gold balance. Yes, that's right. You can invest in Gold at Uinvest from your account balance that hasn't been withdrawn. The price will be based on "spot price" of daily gold market price. (there is a risk of fluctuation).

The concept is similar as trading gold in forex. You don't have to be a forex trader in Uinvest, it's a no-brainer simplicity to invest in gold. Not in physical gold, but virtual gold that based on gold spot price. It's easy to sell it, you don't have to indeed in Uinvest. Just watch the gold spot price of the day, as soon as the price goes up, make a withdrawal from your Uinvest account balance. Your balance will be adjusted to the current spot price. It's a no-brainer task, easy as A B C. ( * gold is a precious metal that the price will always be appreciated.)

NOTE : Please say "NO" to Active Gold Balance to turn it off (You can do this during registration). You don't want to have a heart attack to see your account balance reduced because of gold fluctuation. Don't take the risk if you don't like it.


You can register / open an account as individual nor as a Company as a company investment to diversity company income.

It's FREE to register. Click Here

Nothing to lose, the registration to open an account is FREE. Then you got to check it out yourself. If you are still sceptical, do start from the cheapest shares price available. Like i did. Later on when you have the confidence, pour in your dream bud to invest.

Uinvest does pays, view the example from my PayPal and Liberty Reserve (LR e-currency) :


There are many ways to fund the deposit into your account : 

- Wire Transfer     (option no longer available - will be available again from December 2012 onwards)
- Cheque     (option no longer available - will be available again from December 2012 onwards)
- AlertPay / Payza     (option no longer available - will be available again from December 2012 onwards) 
- Liberty Reserve 
- Visa Card     (option no longer available - will be available again from December 2012 onwards)
- PayPal     (option no longer available - will be available again from December 2012 onwards)

The same method goes when you are withdrawing it.

Another unique features in Uinvest is that they have "Financial Partners" for deposit and withdrawal varieties as option.

One can fund their Uinvest account by accepting the term of the particular "Financial Partners", that is each partner has their own commission rate to exchange e-currencies. You can pay them in such e-currencies, Perfect Money, Paypal, SolidTrustPay and so on, depends what do they have to offer at the time. And they will transfer you internal credit accordingly of sum in your Uinvest Account.

The best way to fund your account, also the fastest method to start investing in Uinvest is to use e-currency known as Liberty Reserve (LR for short). 

Firstly, please register and open yourself a Liberty Reserve account by CLICK HERE (It's FREE)

(Get yourself a LR account number, example : U1234567)

Secondly, for international user. Please go to this e-currency exchangers :  

CentreGold (FREE Sign up)   

CentreGold accepted buying LR (Liberty Reserve) e-currency by Credit Cards.

You can use Visa / Mastercard / Amex to purchase LR e-currency to fund your investment.

You then can sell back the LR e-currency of your profit back to CentreGold to exchange it to cash, back to your credit Card or any other payment method (i.e Bank Wire, MoneyGram, Western Union).

This is by far the best international e-currencies exchanger. They accepted any type from any kind of payments in the world.   

GoldexPay (FREE Sign up)  

Register your account with GoldexPay, please include in the registration of your Liberty Reserve account number i.e U8xxxxxx if or when required. Get yourself verified with GoldexPay with their requirements.  

The below is from GoldexPay FAQ :


Then, buy Liberty Reserve e-ecurrency. Transfer it to your LR Account, from your LR account then, deposit it to your Uinvest account fund (from your Uinvest account, choose deposit via LR to deposit). 

For Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

To buy Liberty Reserve (LR) e-currency, you can buy from MewahGOLD (FREE Sign up)  

For Malaysian, you can buy LR from MewahGOLD by direct payment via Cimb Clicks, Maybank2u nor any other banks available.  

Don't forget to give your Liberty Reserve account number to MewahGOLD during the purchase of LR e-currency.  

From your Uinvest account, choose to deposit via Liberty Reserve, and you are all set.  

To buy Liberty Reserve (LR) e-currency, you can buy from (FREE Sign up) 

For Malaysian, you can buy LR from by direct payment via Cimb Clicks, Maybank2u nor any other banks available.

OR you can buy LR from by Credit Card via PayPal at the exchange rate of LR $ 1 (USD) = MYR 3.40 (minimum LR $ 300).

( * International buyer can also buy by Credit Card via PayPal, but will be in MYR currency at rate MYR 3.50 for LR $ 1 USD.)

Don't forget to give your Liberty Reserve account number to during the purchase of LR e-currency.  

From your Uinvest account, choose to deposit via Liberty Reserve, and you are all set. 

Wire Transfer option will took 14 to 20 working days before your deposit reflects into your Uinvest account balance.

The same period of days will it takes to withdraw your money from Uinvest to your local bank in your country.

For your consideration, only a genuine company would accept Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal and Payza. As those method are reversible (chargeback). By other means, Uinvest is not a scam, HYIP, Ponzi nor Get Rich Quick program. It's a simple common sense. 

( * As the time of writing this, Credit Cards, Paypal and Payza deposit to Uinvest has been removed and dismissed for good. The reason is, because there are so many unscrupulous investors trying to cheat the system, by making false dispute eventhough they are making profit and well paid. The only reversible payment that is still allowable is "Wire Transfer". And those deposit options removed from Uinvest deposit system are available through independent Financial Partners of Uinvest, with fees ofcourse.)

Uinvest VIP Service

Uinvest VIP Service is only available for investors who has a rating points above 50,000 points, and their account must be atleast 1 year old (12 months old).

How to achieve 50,000 rating points ? The answer is to invest more or bigger.

For every USD $ 1 that you deposited and invested, you'll get 0.7 rating points. For every USD $ 10 that you deposited and invested, you'll get 7 rating points. Meaning to get 50,000 rating points, you need to deposit and invest about USD $ 72,000.

If you are a high-roller investor, enjoy the VIP treatment.

Apart from all the above, when you make an investment with  Uinvest, you will receive a comfirmation letter, a certificate of ownership for the shares you bought and might be some freebies gift if you are a fund manager that invested few units of shares.  Example : 


Be a smart investor, would you keep your money in the bank and time goes by your money worth nothing as inflation will reduces it value ?

The best way to increase your money worth as well multiplies it, is to invest it.  

As saying, "if you stack a grain of sand each day, it will be a mountain in years ahead". A dime will be a dollar, a dollar will be a hundred and so on. Invest like a millionaire, and you might be in a millionaire's club in the future (who knows).  

Read the story "why i invested big in Uinvest" (click here

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